sprat (sprat) wrote,

Locked up for now!

Please comment here for access.
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Count me in when you're doing "these are safe to let in".
found a rec to one of your ai fic! allow me to friend you for access? thank you!


April 23 2014, 11:34:20 UTC 4 years ago Edited:  April 23 2014, 11:35:20 UTC

could I get access to your kradam fic? I am going through a read of all the kradambigbang fic I loved, and I really wanted to read Unless it's lies or it's love (sorry, going down the masterlist and my eyes jump all sorts of places)
Hi, really wanted to read 'Unless it's Lies or Love' again. Can u pls friend me? Thks

I would love to read your fic again. Please add me.

Would love to be added! Loved your fic, would love to re read it.
Loving your crocolanthus site. Many of these I have read before, and right now I am using my ereader to rest my weary eyes. I am planning on listening to podfics next. You, awesome. Me, impressed. Thought you should know.
Hi! I am presently looking for new Kradam fic to read and I came across your fic Unless it is Lies or Love. Can you unlock this for me to read? And other Kradam fic you may have. Will truly appreciate it.

Hi! I'm looking for your SGA fic. Can you add me to the access list?

Thank you!
Please I would like yo read your story called burn it up
could you please open you page so I can read your stories
are you ever going to unlock you fics I have read them before but would like to read again. Thanks
Add me please?!
Hey I'd love to check out your fics again. If you could add me that would be great!
I would love to read your kradam fic again!
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